​​Compassion with #OneKindAct is the theme of SingHealth President’s Challenge (PC) 2021. As the nation moves from pandemic to endemic, many individuals and families continue to experience challenges in their lives as they adjust to the changes. Through PC, we can do our part to help its beneficiaries* during this trying period.

Department and staff fundraising

From homemade offerings of bread and almond sticks, to a myriad of ‘Hello Kitty’ wares much to the delight of its fans, NHCS colleagues showed their support to department and staff fundraising efforts with their inpouring orders!

“Our last department sale ended in September. Together with the pledge cards, we have raised close to $50,000 to help our beneficiaries,” shared Jacqueline Huo from Process Transformation and Improvement, who is also NHCS’ representative at SingHealth PC 2021.

(L-R) Wholesome bread by aspiring baker Azizah Nordin, Corporate Development; Jasmine Lim, National Heart Research Institute Singapore (NHRIS) with supporters of her famous brownies.


(L-R) For the sale of their homemade palmier and almond sticks, the operations team split themselves into different groups to manage the baking sessions safely and efficiently. 

(L-R) The Nursing departments held successful sales of healthy drinks, and assorted popular Hello Kitty and Doraemon paraphernalia.


(L-R) Cardiac Laboratory put their ‘Hearts in A Bento’ with specially curated personal comfort food ranging from bananas and fruit tarts, to sushi and canned drinks.

A regular fundraiser at PC, Jasmine Lim from NHRIS joined hands with Yvonne Ng from Cardiac Laboratory to raise a whopping $7,500 from their popular dark chocolate brownie. "We used only quality halal ingredients and made the brownies the night before each order collection to ensure optimal freshness. Thanks to everyone’s support, we made about 248 brownies this time, exceeding our initial target. The effort was well worth it!"

Community outreach

The acts of kindness do not end there. On 24 September, together with Changi General Hospital and National Neuroscience Institute (NNI), NHCS staff delivered valued Ez-link cards and food items to 10 caregivers under the CGH HomeCare Assist, one of the beneficiaries in this year’s PC.

(L-R) The NHCS PC outreach team comprised Nurse Clinician (NC) Liang Ming, Ward 56, NC Aishabi Binte Sidik, Care Integration Unit and Sarah Thng from Human Resources who delivered goodies to caregivers under the CGH HomeCare Assist.

“The beneficiaries shared that they feel fortunate to receive help during this pandemic. I felt really happy when I saw the smiles on their faces,” shared NC Liang Ming. She added that this is her third year participating in outreach activities for PC and believes that ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive’!

SingHealth Digital Relay

On 9 October, SingHealth is about to get all hot and sweaty for a good cause as the Digital Relay flags off. You can give our colleagues a boost in their steps even before they begin their run by making a contribution to our fundraising efforts - Donate via giving.sg or E-Pay using the QR code below today!


Our proud runners: (Top left) Jacelyn Wee, Corporate Development and Jacqueline Huo, Process Transformation and Improvement; (Top right) Assoc Prof Ching Chi Keong and (bottom left) Dr Jeffrey Lau, Department of Cardiology; and (bottom centre) SSN Lim Shufen and NC Liang Ming, Ward 56.

Similarly, show your support and help fuel Prof Terrance Chua and his wife, Dr Miriam Tao as they take on the Vertical Challenge at the Digital Relay.


*The beneficiaries of SingHealth PC 2021 are SingHealth Fund (CGH HomeCare Assist), South Central Community Family Service Centre, Yong-En Care Centre, Metta Welfare Association and Rainbow Centre.