"My proudest moment was being able to support and encourage my patients on their recovery journey and seeing them discharge from the hospital.   Many elderly patients may feel helpless as they have little or no control over their environment.  I want to help our patients regain their independence, and discover their strengths and confidence in taking part in activities that they once enjoyed.  

A simple gesture from the patients like a wave goodbye can be extremely rewarding, and the beauty is that you get to see them going home because of what you do.  We are currently setting up a dementia ward in the upcoming Sengkang Community Hospital to serve the needs of persons with dementia in the area, hoping to empower patients and their caregivers to accommodate and care for their loved ones at home after discharge.  Also, as Alexandra Hospital opens up further in stages, we are constantly coming up with ideas to make our patients' stay in the hospital more fulfilling and less depressing and dull - practising the art of Occupational Therapy and the power of engagement throughout the hospital."


Judith Toh
Occupational Therapist
Sengkang Health


Tags: Occupational Therapist, Allied Health