"I graduated as a Registered Nurse and I worked mostly with Neurosurgical patients. Over time, I was inspired to embark on a clinical research career as I felt that evidence-based practice has become increasingly important in the search for a cure. 

Through several years I have actively pursued my research interests in the Department of Neurology, playing the role of an administrator, advocate, educator and facilitator. I have been especially fortunately to have the constant guidance and advice provided by my reporting officer, A/Prof Louis Tan, and all the help rendered to me by my colleagues in NNI. 

As a research administrator, I hope to find important clues to solve basic problems that affects the quality of research outcomes. Simply put, we need to 'know-it-all, know first and be all-rounder'. Just like James D. Watson said, 'The most complex thing we have yet discovered in our universe'."

Jocelyn Cheong Mei Yoke
Clinical Trial Research Unit (CTRU) Senior Executive, Department of Research
National Neuroscience Institute


Tags: Administrator, Research