"Orthoptics is a very unique profession. Because it is such a niche area of eye care, many do not understand what we do.  My family has a general idea of what my work entails, based on what I have shared with them. My four year-old son is very eager to visit my clinic – he would frequently ask if he can come to get his eyes checked.  But he actually just wants to play with the toys and get a lollipop!

When I was younger, I wanted to join the healthcare industry and work with children.  Although I now care for people with eye disorders across all age groups, I also practice in KK Women's and Children's Hospital, working with kids, so I guess I am not too far off from where I aspired to be."


Joanna Saigal
Principal Orthoptist
Singapore National Eye Centre
KK Women's and Children's Hospital


Tags: Orthoptist, Allied Health