"Hospital environments are very fast-paced and can be intimidating.  Patients are sometimes afraid to ask questions about their treatment.   I hope that our local "Esther Network" will encourage all care providers – hospitals, GPs, ILTC agencies, VWOs – to tap on one another's expertise and pool resources together to help patients. My case workers and volunteers will benefit from the medical expertise of healthcare professionals on how best to care for patients when they are discharged.  

The most successful cases I've worked on showed that trust and a common goal between all partners is important.  We may be from different agencies but we have one goal in mind – to help the individual lead a dignified life.  When this goal is clear, barriers break down and we share all that we know and have, to help. We all feel responsible for the well-being for the individual, regardless of where he/she is being cared for."


Ms Jess Ho
Centre Manager, Cluster support @ Bukit Merah
NTUC Health


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