​"I am extremely thankful and blessed that nursing and CGH has shaped me to become the nurse that I am today. As a CGH nurse, I am empowered to provide the best care for my patients.

What affirmed that nursing was the career for me was watching my fellow nurses care for patients during their final moments. The strength and compassion shown in empathising with grieving family members, ensuring that the patient was comfortable till the very end; while continuing to care for other patients, demonstrated their resilience and resolve in giving everyone their best. This brought new meaning for me and changed my perspective. It was then that I decided to apply for a sponsorship with CGH, gratified to be able to work in the same organisation that ignited my passion to pursue nursing.

My advice to young nurses would be to always remember why you chose nursing in the first place, and to keep that in mind through the daily grind. Give yourself some time, learn everything that you can, and have faith in what will be."

- Jasmeran bin Allan Chand, Staff Nurse, Ward 68, Changi General Hospital

Originally published on CGH Facebook. Read more here.