"My colleagues and I play a key role in helping relieving our patients from the side effects of chemotherapy.  Sometimes patients come to us with worries, fear and uncertainties about the drugs they have to take. In such cases, we guide them in managing their conditions with the proper medications.

The way we operate is almost identical to running a restaurant kitchen, where quality, consistency, and safety are put above all else.

We have 'chefs', who process individualised chemotherapy treatments. We have 'cooks', who prepare accurate drug dosage calculation with the right ingredients.  We also have 'servers', who ensure that the right order is delivered to the right patient, and ensure that the service goes off without a hitch.  Different processes can be happening at the same time, so all of us have to always be on our toes and be vigilant.

It is common for people to think that pharmacists just pick medications off the shelf, but they may not realise that we scrutinise each drug so that patients get the most benefit out of it with minimal harm."


Ivy Goh
National Cancer Centre Singapore


Tags: Pharmacist, Allied Health