In the world of social media, everyone appears to live a perfect life. But the reality is far from that. Perfectionism is often an illusion we pursue but find hard to attain, and we get stressed when we can’t get it ‘right’. Read why not being a perfectionist is actually a good thing on page 5.

Meanwhile, many Singaporeans are also losing sleep over lack of quality shut-eye. When was the last time you woke up fresh and full of energy, ready to conquer the day? Meet the professionals who can help you track and understand your sleep patterns, and get tips for a good night’s rest on page 8.

Did you know that besides sleep, exercise is the next best energy booster? But while exercise is important, as we get older, our bones are more fragile. Learn how to prevent osteoporosis and vertebral fractures, and maintain your quality of life on page 12. And with exercise, remember that you are never too old to start! Find out how easy it is to fit in a daily workout on page 15.

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Till the next issue, happy reading!

Sarah Abdul Karim