How has the year been so far? Have you been able to keep to your resolutions? If you have not, don’t let regret pull you down and look forward to the future instead. You can learn how by reading our story on regrets (page 14).

If you are like most of us, being healthy is part of your long-term plan. Learn how you can keep your sugar level in check and how diabetes can be managed at the individual and community level in our special focus on the condition (page 6).

Having a good diet is crucial in maintaining good health, but this can be difficult with the wide variety of less-than-healthy eating options in Singapore. For a change, try cooking up our special laksa (page 26). The recipe is a contribution from the team of nurses from the Admission Transit Area. You can enjoy tasty local food — and consume fewer calories!

In this issue, we also focus on a special group of nurses at CGH. Read all about how coordinators from our organ donation programme work on the ground as they assist in giving the gift of life to others (page 10). While organ donation can be a sensitive topic, it is still one that deserves attention and has seen increased awareness in recent years — which is good news to many patients on transplant wait lists.

Finally, if you have been under the weather lately, check out our GPFirst section (page 24) — and remember that you can always approach your GPs for help on regular medical conditions.

May this issue of Caring be of value to you as you continue in your health journey!

Sarah Abdul Karim