More than 50 healthcare professionals and students participated in the inaugural Interprofessional Education (IPE) workshop on paediatric acute asthma management at KKH, which was organised by the SingHealth Academy College of Clinical Medicine (CCM) in November 2017. The workshop aims to bring together different expertise from across the various health professions in SingHealth, comprising doctors, nurses, medical social workers, pharmacists and physiotherapists, to formulate a comprehensive care plan for acute childhood asthma. Students were included as part of the workshop’s initiative to empower, enable and involve the next generation.

Through proactive suggestions and candid sharing in groups, participants gained a holistic understanding of the different roles and challenges faced by the various members in a healthcare team. Most importantly, participants learnt how an interprofessional team can go beyond their area of specialisation, and collaborate effectively with other healthcare professionals across boundaries and disciplines to provide integrated quality care for our patients.