​As our population ages and more people having multiple, long term illnesses, the demand for healthcare services and resources is set to intensify.   Consequently, our healthcare delivery is evolving from one which focuses on episodic care, into one that views patients holistically and addresses both their health and social care needs.

Integrating care as a Regional Health System

The SingHealth Regional Health System was set up to better understand our patients’ healthcare service utilization patterns, so as to identify and determine appropriate care interventions required for different groups of patients.   SingHealth RHS also seeks to develop relationships with the primary, community and social agencies to facilitate better support to our patients throughout the care continuum.   This is what SingHealth RHS will do.

a. Helping our residents stay healthy 

Through health education and disease prevention for elderly residents who are in relatively good health and stay in SingHealth catchment areas, we want to pick up those with early stages of disease, who will benefit from early intervention and secondary disease prevention efforts.

b. Empowering patients

We empower our patients to take responsibility for management of their diseases through education, understanding disease progression and necessary lifestyle changes.   Engagement with our primary care partners will be stepped up to manage patients with early stage and stable diseases through SingHealth Right Siting Programmes.   This will provide assurance to our patients that they will be cared for by their family physician who is supported by the SingHealth specialist teams.

c. Coordinating care of patients with high needs

Person-centric coordinated care will be provided to patients with complex healthcare and social needs. Patient Navigators are assigned to these patients and will serve as their primary point of contact and resource to assessing appropriate social and healthcare support services.   Their healthcare needs will be consolidated through programmes like Virtual Ward and Complex Medical Care Clinic.   They will also be supported at home and in community via SingHealth home care programmes and community support services.

d. End of Life Care

To help our patients who are nearing the end and their families to transit better and in a less stressful environment, we will work with community partners to provide appropriate palliative and support services accordingly to their documented wishes.