​Don't miss Mee Mee and Keith in action here! SGH Housekeeper Hong Mee Mee and Keith Tan from Health Sciences Authority play the community piano at Outram Community Hospital to decompress during a work day.

  Scan QR code to watch them play or click on this link https://fb.watch/o0evKOvlag/?mibextid=Nif5oz

Music is what feelings sound like. For Hong Mee Mee, a housekeeper at SGH, this sentiment couldn't be more true. He finds music therapeutic, and playing the community piano at Outram Community Hospital provides a soothing balm to his soul, helping him to relax and allow him to momentarily set aside life's concerns.

For Keith Tan, who works on SGH Campus with the Health Sciences Authority's corporate services group, the piano's melodies bring a sense of steadiness to his world. As he plays, the music resonates with his emotions, serving as an anchor in the midst of life's challenges.

Their experiences underscore how this piano enriches the lives of all who encounter it. The piano was donated by a SingHealth Community Hospital staff - a passionate music lover who recognized the profound impact of music on well-being and wanted to share this joy with the SGH Campus community.

Indeed, the melodious tunes uplift the moods of those who play the piano, as well as passers-by. Feeling stressed at work? Why not pop down to OCH, Level 2 to play a tune or two.


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