Duke-NUS and the Los Angeles biotech company ImaginAb announced the opening of the Imaging Biomarker Development Lab (IBDL) in a public ceremony at the Singapore ArtScience Museum on 5 June.   The joint corporate laboratory will develop new in-vivo molecular imaging agents to study cancer biology, and brain and immune function, with an Asian disease-centric focus.

Duke-NUS and ImaginAb have previously announced the establishment of protein engineering and molecular imaging capabilities designed to interface with Duke-NUS’s Signature Research Programs.  These new capabilities will also be used to support ImaginAb’s internal R&D activities and serve as a focal point for several of ImaginAb’s key collaborations in cancer and immunology.

The joint laboratory is the latest initiative under the National Research Foundation (NRF) Corp Lab @ University scheme.   The IBDL program represents a $15 million commitment between ImaginAb, Duke-NUS and the NRF.   The laboratory is accessible to industry and academic collaborators with the objective of developing precision medicine strategies for healthcare.

“We are pleased to have this new capability on-line and to have recruited the initial team that will launch this exciting new translational research opportunity,” noted Prof. Patrick Casey, Senior Vice Dean (Research) of Duke-NUS.

Prof Low Teck Seng, the chief executive of NRF, said: "This latest Corp Lab @ University collaboration brings together the antibody engineering expertise of ImaginAb and biologics research capabilities in Singapore universities and research institutes.   The new facility opens up opportunities for scientists here and strengthens Singapore's position in the pharmaceutical value chain."

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