Having been a Patient Relations Associate at the National Cancer Centre Singapore (NCCS) since 1999, I connect with patients from all walks of life and help them with what they need when they visit NCCS. I could be giving directions to an elderly patient one moment, then explaining medical terms to a caregiver in another. 

Cancer patients go through a lot of ups and downs. I feel sad when they share bad news with me, but I try my best to lend a listening ear, and assure them that we’re here to help.

There was this patient who refused to be admitted. He was a patient whom I was familiar with, so I tried to convince him and explained that he needed to be admitted because his haemoglobin level was very low. To my surprise, he said ‘OK, I trust you’ and agreed to be admitted without hesitation.

I love my job because it brings me immense satisfaction. Being able to have that level of trust placed by patients, nurses and doctors is better than any financial reward.

Rossnani Bte Abdullah
Senior Patient Relations Associate Executive
National Cancer Centre Singapore

Winner of the Superstar-Ancillary category at the Singapore Health Quality Service Awards 2018