​I am a radiographer specialising in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), which uses magnetic fields and radiofrequency energy to produce diagnostic images of the patient's body. I also perform other diagnostic imaging using x-rays, like General Radiography (often used to demonstrate fractures), and Bone Mineral Densitometry (often used to diagnose osteoporosis). My duties involve preparing, positioning, and scanning the patients, training of junior radiographers and students, vetting the examinations requested by the clinicians, and drafting guidelines on the procedures performed in my department.

To me, radiography involves software, hardware, and heartware (patient care)!

I’ll flag out abnormal image appearances on the scans and discuss with the radiologists on whether further imaging is required. The examination can be customised to the patient's condition to give useful information to the clinical question.

Some patients may be anxious and I try to assure and help them complete the examination successfully. I am pleasantly surprised when patients open up to me and express their appreciation to me - one patient at MRI said she had been socially reclusive and found it hard to interact with others, yet she found herself divulging her past to me because of my reassuring attitude towards her.

I feel that helping patients in their healthcare journey is similar to running a race - challenging myself to do better each time. Having supporters cheer me on (receiving compliments from patients) is a bonus but never the ultimate goal. What matters is that I am fuelled by my own passion to make a positive difference to their experience.

Leong Suet Fen
Principal Radiographer
Changi General Hospital