My simple gestures of care include wheeling patients to the garden to have their lunch when I know they prefer to be in the outdoors or offering to take them to the hospital cafeteria for a cup of coffee and a chat, when I sense that something is bothering them. I also bought jigsaw puzzles and alphabet templates to make therapy sessions more interesting for patients with mild cognitive impairment. I enjoy lending a listening ear to patients and comforting them in times of need.

I always had an interest in joining healthcare since I was part of the Red Cross Youth in school, but I chose not to due to a phobia of blood. It was the deaths of my mother and husband several years ago that prompted me to overcome her phobia and pursue a career as a therapy assistant.

I saw the pain my loved ones went through and the good medical care they received. Those experiences motivated me to join the healthcare industry as a way of giving back.

Yogeshwari Kunjambu
Senior Therapy Assistant, Therapy Services (Occupational Therapy)
Ang Mo Kio-Thye Hua Kwan Hospital

Winner of the Superstar–Special Mention Award (ILTC), Singapore Health Quality Service Awards 2018