Professor Hwang Nian Chih is keenly dedicated to clinical teaching. As an experienced member of faculty at both Duke-NUS Medical School and Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine, he never passes up an opportunity to share his knowledge.

Even in the operating theatre, Prof Hwang continues to mentor his colleagues, helping them translate theoretical knowledge into clinical practice. He also encourages them to reflect on what they learned from the session. Always one for self-improvement, he then seeks direct feedback on his teaching and demeanour for the day.  It is this commitment towards education which has earned Prof Hwang many letters and emails from students over the years, expressing their gratitude for his mentorship. 

"It is very affirming to receive positive feedback from students, and learn that they appreciate my teaching methods. When past students write to inform me of their success at the qualifying examinations, it makes my work worthwhile," says Prof Hwang.

Many others have helped shape him in his own journey as an educator.  The long list includes Professor Doyle Graham, the predecessor of a module which Prof Hwang currently teaches at Duke-NUS Medical School.  "He is someone whom I try to emulate as a role model."   Similarly, Prof Hwang seeks to inspire others in his own teaching.  He sees education as something above and beyond the mere sharing of knowledge and information.   It is important to inspire learners, and hopefully, help them nurture interest in whatever they are pursuing," he explains.

"One must constantly search for new and better ways to engage and educate others.  Only when you have such a global view of education, can you facilitate learning as an effective teacher."

Prof Hwang Nian Chih
Senior Consultant, Department of Anaesthesiology
Singapore General Hospital

Prof Hwang is the winner of the Distinguished Educator Award at the 2016 SingHealth Excellence Awards.


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