Find out how our SGH colleagues clinched 4 out of the 20 awards given out this year!

Recipients were recognised for being ‘outstanding workers who exemplify Worker 4.0, displaying the traits of Readiness, Relevance and Resilience’. Worker 4.0 describes employees who are adaptive to change and innovation in the workplace to improve productivity.

What’s age got to do with it?
When Nancy Ang returned to work at 68, she had been in retirement for 20 years. Things had changed drastically from her former days serving patients at the Labour Ward counter. In her new role as a Digital Ambassador at the Diabetes & Metabolism Centre (DMC), the Senior Patient Service Associate acquired new skills with great gusto, diligently taking notes and asking questions when in doubt. Says Yeo Shuan Khiag, Senior Manager of Specialist Outpatient Clinic, who nominated Nancy for the Award, “She has become a confident digital ambassador and is especially passionate about engaging elderly patients. Doctors and patients have complimented her for her detailed and clear explanations of initiatives such as using the Health Buddy app & video consult.”

Likewise, 79-year-old Loke Lye Chan relishes new challenges. “I want to continue learning and working as long as my health permits,” she says. With 50 years of nursing under her belt, the Senior Enrolled Nurse adapted quickly to the implementation of Information Technology in her work in the Sterile Supplies Unit (SSU) where she ensures the quality and issuance of sterile instruments for surgical or treatment procedures. Her high level of technical competence in the Theatre Instrument Management System even got a shout out from Senior Minister of State for Health, Dr Janil Puthucheary, who commended her on Facebook after being impressed when he visited the SSU.

Upgrades in all forms
A few years ago, when the former Business Office at SGH Block 4 started undergoing a major transformation from a counter service into a 24/7 online platform, Muhammad Hazziq Bin Adnan became a member of the Future Patient Journey committee. The committee worked on redesigning financial transactions by harnessing technology.  Says Ong Mei Ling, Director of Patient Financial Services, who nominated Hazziq, “As a Patient Service Associate Executive, he helped develop various digital tools for patients to make it easier to access our financial services. To do this, he worked together with IHiS, Communications and nursing colleagues.” These include conducting demos and also training to be a live agent to assist patient’s complex queries via PFS’s askBILLie chatbot. On top of all this, Hazziq is also studying part-time to upgrade himself. 

Another exemplary role model is Enrolled Nurse Aini Binte Sapnan from Ward 46. Aini joined SGH in 2006 as a Patient Service Associate. Her interest to become a nurse was stoked when she cared for her elderly father-in-law after a stroke. In 2017, at the age of 48, she decided to pursue a National ITE Certificate in Nursing and graduated as an Enrolled Nurse in 2019. Since then, she has adapted well to the fast-paced and challenging work environment and has even become a trusted colleague whom others turn to when they have questions on how to care for the elderly. She has received numerous compliments from patients and colleagues on her nursing care. Her spirit of determination and strong belief in continuous learning has allowed her to succeed to become a capable nurse.

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