Since the onset of COVID-19, more people are seen taking long walks, cycling and trail running in the neighbourhoods and parks. In SKH, the number of people seeking medical care for injuries related to such activities have increased by about 5 - 10%, with the most common condition being sprains. Dr Bernice Liu, Principal Physiotherapist, SKH, shared about the risk of injury for the different activities and how the risk also differs for each individual, according to their muscle strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, agility, adaptability and self-efficacy. She explained that while pain or soreness experienced after exercising does not necessarily mean an injury, sustained pain or discomfort each time after exercising may be due to poor pacing or the lack of strength or conditioning – and such individuals may benefit from seeing a physiotherapist.

To lower one's risk of injury, Dr Liu shared that engaging in consistent strength training, endurance training, cardiovascular exercises as well as balance and agility exercises are good steps that individuals could take. It is also important to slowly increase the intensity of your training, stay hydrated, have a balanced diet and get enough sleep and rest. If one is between experiencing pain/discomfort and seeking medical attention, the "P.O.L.I.C.E." method – which stands for "Protection", "Optimal Loading", and "Ice, Compression, Elevation" – may prevent their injuries from worsening.