By doing 24,248 star jumps and 300 800m laps in a day. That’s what our nurses did to encourage nurses to exercise and raise money for our SGH Needy Patients Fund. 

Last month, 241 SGH nurses jumped and ran their way into the Singapore Book of Records for the first time ever! They were awarded ‘The Most Number of Star Jumps performed by a group in 24 hours’ (24,248) and ‘The Most Number of Laps in an 800m Relay Run in 24 Hours’ (300 laps or about 10 times the distance from SGH to Tampines).
“We wanted to do a fun exercise event on a large scale to allow as many nurses as possible to take part. We brainstormed and came up with getting into the Singapore Book of Records. When we contacted them, they suggested these two records which had never been attempted before,” explained Assistant Nurse Clinician Angelina Foo. 

We chose the MSCP walkway towards SGH Blk 5 for the relay run. It’s safe, straight and familiar to staff!

The team remembered that the Multi-Storey Car Park could be transformed into a flu screening area and decided to use it for their record-breaking feat. Facilities Management and Engineering colleagues converted some parking lots to registration stations.

Armed with batons specially made for the event, our nurses were raring to go!

Wanting to do more with the event, our nurses asked Development Office to simultaneously use it to raise money for the SGH Needy Patients’ Funds. Our nurses rallied friends and family to support their exercise efforts by donating online at

On 9 November, from 5pm to 6pm the following day, our nurses took turns to relay-run and star jump. They ran 240km worth of relays – akin to going to and fro SGH to Tampines five times.

Said Nurse Clinician Muhd Nadzlan Rosli,“Some even brought their kids to join in the fun and sweat. It was so heart-warming to see that despite their busy work and personal schedules, our nurses still made time to run and jump for our patients. Many rushed down during their breaks to take part and then rushed back to work! The best was seeing our nurses supporting one another and enjoying themselves.”

Our nurses are still raising funds for our Needy Patients to December end! How about coming together as a department to pledge your support for our nurses and patients? Go to (internet access required) to show your love! Tote Board matches up to 20% of total funds raised from now till end of December.

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