20 April 2022, Singapore – KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital (KKH) has officially launched KKH@Halifax. The new extension, situated on a designated conservation site along Halifax Road, will house the Departments of Psychological Medicine and Dermatology.

KKH@Halifax comprises two colonial buildings originally built in the 1930s. They had previously served as quarters and outhouses for accommodation of the Singapore Municipal staff and their families. These buildings then became offices and stores for the Electrical and Architect Departments of the Singapore City Council in the 1950s.

​KKH@Halifax façade views (Photo credits: KKH)

Located 450 metres from the main hospital, the new Psychological Medicine and Dermatology clinics at KKH@Halifax are twice as large as the previous clinics, and able to accommodate 30 per cent more appointments than the current 24,000 consultations each year at the main KKH. An on-site Pharmacy also offers added convenience to patients and caregivers.

The expanded clinics at KKH@Halifax mean that patients and their caregivers can expect an improved patient experience and shorter wait times. Associate Professor Mark Koh, Head and Senior Consultant, Department of Dermatology, KKH said, "Besides having more clinic rooms and dermatology procedure rooms, we can now offer comprehensive pharmacy counselling for our women and children patients with chronic skin conditions, especially atopic dermatitis, to help them better understand their treatment plans as part of holistic care. Our clinics are also equipped for tele-dermatology and multi-disciplinary management of complex dermatological conditions, including genetic skin diseases, vascular anomalies and severe, chronic eczema.”

Associate Professor Helen Chen, Head and Senior Consultant, Department of Psychological Medicine, KKH said, “The mental health needs of women and children are very much linked. Being able to provide continued care to these two groups in the same setting is indeed beneficial. With expanded facilities, we can better operate clinical and support programmes for women and children in different life phases, and across the spectrum of mental health conditions including depression, anxiety, psychosomatic and psychotic disorders, and neurodevelopmental disorders. The soothing ambience at KKH@Halifax provides a conducive and calming environment for patients, and we now have dedicated spaces for holistic therapies such as family counselling; telehealth services including individual consultations; and the Mums2Mums online peer support group.”

Patient journeys through something old, something new

As a designated conservation site by the Urban Redevelopment Authority, clinic renovation at the black-and-white bungalows was designed to ensure that the rich heritage elements such as the intricate tiling, lattice windows and exposed tiles, are preserved alongside modern clinic facilities.

Interior motifs reminiscent of colonial Singapore greet the patient and caregiver from the time of arrival, through their interactions with the healthcare teams.

​On arrival at KKH@Halifax
​Heritage elements in windows and tiles
​See-through dividers at clinic waiting areas​Interaction in clinic consult room
​(Photo credits: KKH)

KKH@Halifax was also designed to meet the most current sustainability requirements, with most renovation materials used being certified by the Singapore Green Building Council. The security lighting of the building is powered by eight solar panels that supply nearly 18 kilowatts of energy each day.

For its efforts, the building received the BCA Green Mark Platinum Award, the highest rating for non-residential buildings toward sustainable management, building energy performance, resource and waste management, and smart and healthy building.

Same care, but better

Nooraini Binte Jaffar, Director, Specialty and Ambulatory Services, KKH said, “KKH@Halifax attests to our hospital’s continual efforts to enhance patient services and experience, blending art and heritage into clinical practice. We were faced with many renovation challenges during the pandemic - from worker shortage and supply chain disruption, to having to manage the project remotely. But we stayed true to our goals and brought the project to life. With twice the space and purpose-fit areas at KKH@Halifax, we are very excited to offer enhanced holistic care to our dermatology and mental wellness patients, within such a unique environment.”

Rachel Chua, whose child now makes regular visits at KKH@Halifax said, “We love the new Halifax site! There are shortened queues and less time to get medications. While it is less crowded than the main KKH site, the shuttle bus services remain frequent.”

Please click HERE for directions to KKH@Halifax.