For the last 25 years of her career, I have worked at the Cardiac Catheterisation Laboratory at National Heart Centre Singapore (NHCS), where anxieties often run high. To allay patients’ fear of invasive cardiac procedures, I patiently explain the procedure to them and even uses music therapy to soothe their nerves.

I was inspired to become a nurse at the young age of 11. At the time, my father was undergoing dialysis. As part of the procedure, he needed to inject himself, which is quite scary to have to do on your own. It made me want to go into nursing so that I could help him.

Even though work can be hectic, I find time to volunteer. I visit the underprivileged elderly on weekends to ease their loneliness and help address their health and social issues. Helping people gives me endless energy. Being able to make a positive impact on the lives of others is what drives me and keeps me going as a nurse!

Teo Poh Tin, Tina
Senior Nurse Manager, Cardiac Catheterisation Laboratory
National Heart Centre Singapore

Winner of the Superstar-Nursing Award at the Singapore Health Quality Service Awards 2018