Every day, Melissa Hu witnesses the difference a little help can make to patients’ lives. So when she was passed a staff giving form, the Medical Social Worker at Sengkang General Hospital didn’t hesitate to sign up.

As a Medical Social Worker, I am humbled every single day by the indomitable spirit of our patients. Being in such a front-line position I also see the need for donations and the difference they make. 

Recently, I assisted a gentleman in obtaining the parts for his motorised scooter which he needs to leave his home. He had been rejected by other sources of funding and was feeling hopeless, but our SKH Needy Patient Fund provided him with the money he needed to pay for the parts. Fixing his scooter has restored his mobility and independence so he can buy food from the coffee shop and attend his medical appointments again. Moments like these highlight how the SKH Needy Patient Fund exists not just as an end in itself but as a means to help patients help themselves.

My monthly contribution, though small, comes from the heart and serves as a powerful reminder to give with joy. Every cent counts as the donations add up and can go a long way towards needy patients’ expenses such as ambulance fees or purchase of medical equipment.

I’m grateful for the opportunity and ability to give to the fund. It teaches me the value of a dollar and reminds me to think twice before impulse purchases and to ask myself: could my money be used for a more meaningful purpose?