Dr Fadzil Hamzah, Senior Sport Registrar, Dept of Sport & Exercise Medicine, in his capacity as a member of Muslim Healthcare Professionals Association (MHPA) shared the role of MHPA in helping the Malay/Muslim community ease into the endemic by echoing and reiterating the government's directives through awareness, engagement, education and empowerment.

The collaborations with various government organisations, national stakeholders (e.g. M³ - MUIS, MESRA, MENDAKI) as well as our strong community partnerships also ensure that a consistent message with up-to-date content and guidelines are extended to the community, which are aligned with national protocols and advisories.

MHPA also plays an important role in helping the Malay community improve their health status. Findings from the National Population Health Survey (NPHS) 2019 showed that Singapore Malay residents face health issues such as obesity, smoking, lowest prevalence of regular exercise, diabetes, hyper-lipidaemia and hypertension.

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