"Have you ever wondered who conducts the detailed laboratory testing for your annual health screening?  That's us, the Medical Lab Technologists.

Although we are not directly involved in patient care, we help personalise care for them, as some diagnoses need confirmation that only laboratory tests can provide.  We may be working behind the scenes, and our laboratory is usually invisible to the eyes of public, but we play an important part in saving patients' lives.

Unlike nine-to-five jobs, we are required to work shifts.  We operate around the clock, 24/7 and seven days a week, including public holidays – we are busy from the minute we start.

The technologies we use have certainly come a long way, since the past when we relied on time-consuming and labour-intensive methods. Now, advances in technology give us faster and more accurate test results, giving us better quality of health care delivery."


Goh Sher Li
Medical Laboratory Technologist
Sengkang Health


Tags: Medical Laboratory Technologist, Allied Health