Esmond Loon's personal experience with a close family member's health issue motivated him to translate gratitude into action by making a lasting impact on the lives of heart patients.

When Esmond Loon went on a trip to Israel with his family in 2019, little did they anticipate the profound impact it would have on their lives. Initially, they shrugged off sporadic bouts of breathlessness and fatigue that Esther*, a family member, had during the short walks. Upon their return to Singapore, Esther sought medical attention at the National Heart Centre Singapore (NHCS).

To the family’s dismay, the doctors at NHCS discovered severe blockages in arteries near her heart. After exhausting the non-invasive treatment methods, she eventually proceeded with a double heart bypass procedure, which saved her life.

Esmond was deeply moved by the exceptional care and support provided by the NHCS team throughout Esther’s treatment. Overcome with gratitude, Esmond decided to make a gift to the NHCS Heart To Heart Fund to assist financially disadvantaged patients who have exhausted all other options for medical treatment. Additionally, the fund also supports the implementation of new treatment methods, training and education, as well as research and development to advance heart disease treatments.

“We wanted to pay it forward, ensuring that those in need would receive the same exceptional care that had saved Esther’s life,” he shared. “Despite help from the government and the affordability of public healthcare, there will be some who will be need of help. By giving to the NHCS Heart To Heart Fund, I hope that in some way, I, too, can make a difference in the lives of patients and their families when they have to go through this difficult time.”

Today, Esmond remains a steadfast supporter of NHCS. Cardiovascular disease is one of the leading cause of death worldwide, and the rate of total deaths due to cardiovascular disease has been increasing over the recent years. As such, there is an urgent need for continued support and resources to combat heart diseases in Singapore.

By contributing to NHCS and its Heart To Heart Fund, you too can help improve the lives of heart patients, provide access to quality care, and support ongoing research and development to find new treatments and cures for heart disease.

Join Esmond in his noble cause and donate to the NHCS Heart To Heart Fund today. With your continued support and partnership, we can make a positive impact on the lives of those we serve, and define tomorrow’s medicine for better heart health. Visit to find out how you can contribute and support the advancement of heart disease.

* The name of the patient has been changed in keeping with the family’s wish for privacy.