1 Hospital Drive Block 7, Level 1
Singapore General Hospital
Singapore 169608

Tel: (65) 6226 1426
Operating Hours:
Mon – Sun & Public Holiday 07:00am – 09:00pm


Have you heard? Polar Café – part of the familiar and well-known Polar Puffs & Cakes - recently opened a spanking new outlet in Singapore General Hospital, hurray! Keeping to the brand's signature green and white colours, but updating their shopfront décor to a more modern taste, this corner café in SGH's Block 7 is known for its Chicken Pie and Sugar Rolls. Curious, and with our tummies rumbling for some tea-time goodies, the little foodies in us just had to drop by one afternoon to check it out! Does this old school eatery score well with us? Read on to find out!

Tuna puff ($2.30) – 3/5

Polar is known for its puff pastry and there is a reason why. What a beauty this is - Polar's tuna puff pastry was baked to perfection with a nice golden hue and flakey layers. While the buttery pastry was scrumptious, crisp and delightful, that's where the beauty of the tuna puff ends. Sadly, the meagre filling was neither tasty nor satisfying. It left us wanting for more.

Chicken puff ($2.40) – 5/5

The Chicken Puff, like the tuna one, was once again baked to a golden perfection. Taking a mighty bite, we knew at once that we were in love. The filling was seasoned well, flavorful and moist… absolutely delicious!  Chicken was succulent and went superbly with the buttery pastry – each complimented the other well without being overpowering. We liked the addition of the vegetables and carrots, which gave the filling some extra sweetness. In fact, the chicken puff was tasty even when it was cold. A big thumbs up!

Salad - Chicken mixed green with balsamic vinaigrette ($5.30) – 3.75/5

Unexpectedly, Polar Café now serves salad too which is perfect for those watching their weight or the health-conscious. We were given a choice between the balsamic vinaigrette or thousand island dressing, and ended up with what we reckoned was the healthier choice – the former. WE weren't quite sold on this dressing as it turned out a tad too sour for our liking. AS for the salad, the lettuce was crisp and fresh with a natural sweetness, while the chicken was moist, tender and well marinated. Unfortunately, the cucumber was cut way too thick and could be sliced thinner for easier consumption. While the packaging is neat and suitable for a meal on the go, we were not able to toss salad to mix the dressing properly.

Sugar roll - with sugar ($1.30) – 5/5

Can cake can be dense and moist, yet feel light at the same time? The answer is yes! Polar's Sugar Roll checks all the right boxes and is very satisfying. Those who seek a good mouthfeel and textural experience will love the sugar layer at the top as it adds a nice crunch. That said, the roll is not overly sweet and goes superbly with the butter cream centre that lends a touch of saltiness to prevent the cake from being too cloying. For an unresistable price of $1.30, this is the perfect accompaniment to a cup of coffee or tea. As far as old school cakes go, this has got to be king!

Coffee peanut roll slice ($1.80) – 3.5/5

Polar has got its cake recipes down for this is once again a moist, yet light cake. For a coffee cake, though, it is seriously lacking in flavor. While the coffee taste was missing in action, there was definitely a strong presence of peanut. A delicious cake, but coffee-lovers might be disappointed.

Kopi ($1.30) – 2.5/5

The coffee is quite strong but it's nothing to write home about at all.  

Iced Teh O ($1.90) – 2.5/5

This was definitely a healthier choice as it was not sweetened at all. Again, a rather ordinary cup of tea that barely does what it needs to and nothing more.

Hot Milo ($1.60) – 2/5

In short, this was very watered down. In fact, you're better off making own cup of instant Milo.

Overall score for Polar Cafe – 3.4/5

Generally, Polar Café's sweets fare way better than its savoury offerings.  Their cakes present a consistent, high standard, while their savouries tend to be hits and misses. Our absolute favourites that will draw us back time and time again are the sugar roll and chicken puff – heavenly! Their drinks were very basic and just fine for a quick pit stop to quench your thirst.


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