"Occupational Therapy is about helping people with that "occupies" their time and to engage in activities that are meaningful to the individuals.  For children, this refers to "self-care", "play" and "school".  While most people might think that children know how to play naturally, it is saddening to know that some children might not even have the ability or skills to engage in play activities due to their medical conditions. I hope to be able to help children to achieve the joys of childhood.

Though we may have the skills to help a person in all aspects of his / her life that have been affected, we must never forget the human touch, because every individual is unique and as human beings, we value social interaction.  Talking and listening is necessary for us to understand our patients. I am glad that my job allows me to be able to spend time to interact with children and their caregivers."


Fiona Cheng Xue Ting
Senior Occupational Therapist
KK Women's and Children's Hospital


Tags: Occupational Therapist, Allied Health