​by Vanessa Choo, Group Communications​

From the thrilling FIFA World Cup, to the historic Trump-Kim meeting in Singapore, to the nail-biting rescue of the trapped Thai boys soccer team, 2018 has had no shortage of news and events that captured the globe.

What were some of your most memorable events in 2018? We check in with some of our colleagues to find out more!

Huda (L) and her brother on the open top bus in London.

“2018 kicked off with a big bang because I won a trip for two to London! I was given a chance to participate in a contest after purchasing some skincare products from a brand I’d been meaning to try, and won. It gets better - I was in London during the Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, so imagine the fanfare then. I got to join the crowd outside Buckingham Palace on the actual wedding day and even managed to catch a glimpse of the royal newlyweds. I am pretty sure Prince Harry waved at me too!”

Nurhuda Binte Mohamed Ishak
Executive, IPSQ

Samantha and her new friend – a kangaroo!

“The rescue of the trapped Thai boys soccer team and their coach from Tham Luang Cave is something that holds my memory. I followed the news on the progress of their rescue closely and laud the many unsung heroes involved in the rescue mission such as farmers whose farming fields were ruined as water was pumped out of the caves, volunteers who helped to stop water leaking into the caves, people who delivered food to the rescuers at their own expense and so on. Through this heart-stopping incident, I saw courage, empathy, selflessness, kindness and unity. I was impressed by the selflessness of all who contributed to the rescue mission, courage of the rescuers, world’s empathy for the families, kindness of the unsung heroes and strength of the human spirit. 2018 has been a turbulent year for worldly events and it was heartening to read such stories about humanity at its best.”

Samantha Neo Li Ping
Executive, SHR

Daniel having his ears checked at The Functional Screening event.

“The health screening event which I organised for my Residents’ Committee (RC) is one of the most memorable events in 2018 for me. The Functional Screening, sponsored by Temasek Foundation Cares and administered by HPB, comprised of eye, mouth and ear test stations. My committee, Pasir Ris Zone 8 RC, turned up in full force, showing great teamwork as they took charge of the logistics to make the event possible.

As a community health planner in the CGH Campus, I am happy to put my industry knowledge to good use. I have learnt that one should take initiative and tap on available resources to benefit others, especially one’s own neighbours. I hope that other healthcare professionals will be inspired to organise similar health screenings in their neighbourhood.”

Daniel Lim Teik Tjun
Assistant Manager, Strategic Planning & Development
SingHealth & CGH

Gheo at the Shiretoko Goko Lakes (Five Lakes), Hokkaido.

“I love travelling to Japan and my recent trip to Hokkaido is one of the most memorable experiences I’ve had in 2018. I visited many places there but one of my favourites has to be the Shiretoko area, as it is very tranquil, serene with very beautiful scenery.

Amidst our busyness, we sometimes take the time to stop and enjoy what we have. Travelling to the countryside and scenic nature spots has made me realise the need to stop, look back, reflect and cherish the simple things – such as the company of family and friends.”

Bagus Gheo Pradikta
Executive, SingHealth Academy

Beatrice at the Shuri Castle, Okinawa. The Castle’s stylish structures are typical of Ryukyu architecture.

“Looking back, witnessing the installation of the AMC Link Bridge’s steel truss across College Road is the most significant work experience for me this year. The entire exercise was carefully planned out with our internal stakeholders, including detailed safety briefings to ensure there was no chance for error. The entire process began at midnight and lasted till the wee hours of the morning. Everything went according to plan and I felt great relief the moment the steel truss were launched onto the reinforced concrete columns! Today, the bridge is complete and open for public use.

What I enjoy most outside of work is travelling. I visited Okinawa recently where the weather and food was awesome. What a great way to end off the year!”

Beatrice Low
Senior Manager, Facilities Development