Meet our Perfusionists!
Their job might not be widely known but they are vital members of the cardiovascular surgical team.

“My role as a perfusionist requires me to monitor patient’s physiological and metabolic status while they are on cardiopulmonary bypass during cardiac surgery.

Being able to play a part and make a difference in someone’s life in a meaningful way is a humbling experience. A simple act of human kindness can make a huge difference and it has become a constant source of motivation for me.”
“It is a joy to see the smile on my patient’s face, and knowing that they are making small steps to recovery.”
“Joining NHCS Perfusion was the proudest moment for me and I have gained a lot of confidence and satisfaction in my time here.”
“Being able to see my patients recover, and eventually reunite with their loved ones certainly makes it all the more worthwhile.”
“This profession keeps me on my toes, having to constantly learn new skills and upgrade myself.”
“It is a priceless feeling knowing that we played a crucial role as a team to save lives.”
“In that instant, I knew I could play my part to save their loved one.”
“Operating the heart lung machine gives me a deep-seated sense of purpose and meaning in my job.”
“I will care for my patients as if they were any of my family members lying on the operating table.”
“I want to make a difference in people’s lives.”