Have you ever wondered what an occupational therapist does?

Working with people from all walks of life, occupational therapist is an allied health professional that helps patients to regain their mobility and independence in their daily living and working environment

“I am most passionate about facilitating a culture of research and provide evidence on better ways we provide care to our patients.”
“I want to help my patients to gain the life skills they need to live day-to-day and relearn how to connect with their environment.”

“I am reminded that there are opportunities to empower, not just through knowledge or skills but facilitation of a parent’s physical demonstration of love.”
“I enjoy motivating my patients to step out of their comfort zone so that they are able to achieve even more than they imagined.”

“I hope to be able to help children to achieve the joys of childhood.”
“Not many people understand the complexity of how handwriting problems could affect a child’s overall performance in school.”

“Often times, our small contribution may appear to be of bigger significance to others.”
“We are constantly coming up with ideas to make our patient’s stay in the hospital more fulfilling, less depressing and dull.”
“It brings me happiness to watch them enjoy and appreciate moments that were not possible due to their injury.”