Meet our Medical Social Workers: making a positive difference in our patients' lives every single day.

“Every patient has a story to tell. Through their stories, I get to know them as individuals.”
“It is a privilege to be a part of our patients’ lives and to help them find meaning in life.”
“Seeing the smiles on the faces of our young patients show that the little things we do can make an impact on their lives.”
“I want to help patients with impaired vision maintain their independence and quality of life.”
“I love talking to my patients and helping them to allay their fears and uncertainty towards life.”
“I share about end-of-life treatment options with my patients to help them plan for their future health and personal care.”
“It is my duty to reach out to cancer patients and their families, and help them cope with difficulties that come their way.”
“We started a support group for caregivers to share their experiences and challenges with one another. They learn from one another and can manage their stress better.”
“I hope to reduce the stigma of parents seeking treatment for children with social and mental health difficulties.”
MSW-run course ranks high among junior doctors

Residents are learning how to break bad news in a sensitive and empathic manner from medical social workers. SGH’s Medical Social Services Department is conducting half-day workshops focused on teaching the six-step protocol, SPIKES, followed by a role play. The course was first developed by the department to train nurses to help patients cope with bad news.

Inter-institutional collaboration for One Medifund Assessment

Patients seeking help from Medifund at multiple institutions now only have to fill in one application form, thanks to the consolidated efforts of Medical Social Workers, the SingHealth Office for Service Transformation and Group Allied Health.

[Video] Meet our Medical Social Workers

Hear from Goh Soo Cheng, who empowers her students through education and Andy Sim, on his beliefs in research, as we take a peek into their lives as Medical Social Workers in Singapore General Hospital.