"Every day, radiographers create radiographic images, which are like a form of art. I love Radiography as it allows me to integrate my two loves, arts and science, into my work without any conflict. Besides attending to patients at the general Radiography section, I spent my time teaching undergraduate Radiography students from Singapore Institute of Technology and developing job training plans in my role as lead clinical educator of my department.

Looking back at my 19-year journey in Diagnostic Radiography, one incident remained fixed in my mind. I was part of a team providing mobile bedside Radiography services during the SARS outbreak in 2003. During a ward visit, we were caught by surprise when an elderly patient threw his soiled pants at us. If not for the visor which I was wearing, his pants would have landed on my face! It turned out this patient was very upset to be confined in the ward with a no-discharge and no-visitor policy. Being able to only converse in Cantonese, he could not understand what the nurses were saying. Thankfully, my colleague was able to explain the situation to him in Cantonese. This patient later apologised to us for being rude. This incident goes to show the importance of effective communication and that the patient’s psychosocial needs are just as crucial as his physical needs."

Sng Li Hoon
Senior Principal Radiographer
Department of Diagnostic Radiology
Singapore General Hospital