​"It has already been twelve years since I joined Bright Vision Hospital (BVH) as a medical social worker (in 2009). Initially, I started out working with at-risk youths and couples who needed marital counselling, but after a few years, I realized that I really connected emotionally with the elderly, and decided to specialise in eldercare. It was then I joined the BVH team to help the seniors in the community. Thanks to the supportive management, I was also given the opportunity to study for my graduate diploma and attend multiple courses and conferences to upgrade my skills.

Whether at BVH or at my current workplace, Sengkang Community Hospital (SKCH), I try to look at the bigger picture, such as the purpose of my work. For instance, I remember a young male patient who was married with a child. Due to a spinal cord issue, he was likely to be bedbound for the rest of his life. As the sole breadwinner, he was also worried about his family’s finances. Incredibly, with perseverance and unwavering support from our care team, the patient was able to stand up once again and even walk with a walking aid for short distances. The changes that we could help bring about for a patient after such a debilitating medical diagnosis made me feel like our job is amazing. This motivates me to continue within my chosen profession regardless of the environment I am in.

I am aware that work is tough and different workflows can be hard to cut through, but my belief is that we should not lose sight of why we do what we do, or else the motivation to get through the grind may wane with each passing day.

As part of SingHealth Community Hospitals, I would like to encourage my colleagues to come together and build on the “SCH kampong spirit”. This facilitates better workflow, and more importantly, provide us the tools to provide better care to our patients."

- Efen Tan, Medical Social Worker, Sengkang Community Hospital