"I am most passionate about our current pre-clinical studies for the development of novel devices for bone bio-engineering. If they are successful, patients can benefit from a faster recovery process through the elimination of autogenous bone harvest and bone transplant which could cause donor site morbidity. Additionally, patients can also benefit in terms of cost-savings as these novel devices may be synthesised from cheaper materials. This makes it a more cost-effective alternative to the animal-derived bone grafts currently available in the market.

I have been working in healthcare for one and a half years now and the thing that surprises me most is the openness of senior management to feedback and their will to implement good suggestions.

My wish is for our healthcare system to be more patient-centric in delivering quality clinical care and to constantly seek better, more cost-effective therapies through research to benefit our patients."


Dr Edwin Liu
Senior Manager, Research,
Academic Clinical Program (ACP) Office
National Dental Centre Singapore


Tags: Research, Administrator