My education research interests are wide-ranging and broad. This is why I find research so exciting – it will never bore me.

Some of my publications include research on E-learning, blended learning model, converting data to stories and use of social media and drGoogle for education.   Planning and writing these papers help me to read in depth and understand the different aspects of education better, enabling me to use a variety of them in applications.

I try to research into new areas and topics as this keeps me learning.
I am currently involved in various research and studies: one on sepsis and early goal directed therapy and another on the exploring the area of ‘conscious practice’ in Medicine.

I also take things I learn from other disciplines and industries and apply it to medicine.   This makes me feel inspired and keeps my interest going. For example, by drawing on the ‘Look, Listen and Feel’ (LLF) concept, I hope to be able to improve communication skills of healthcare professionals.

Hopefully, when others read my publications, they will too be inspired and get new ideas or embark on collaborations.

While education research can change the way we teach, I feel that it is crucial for teachers to have an open mindset to review and see which teaching methods or combinations, are best – or even innovate their own.