​At Republic Plaza, visitors scan a QR code, then log in to their SingPass Mobile account for registration. ST PHOTO: KELVIN CHNG

Visitors to Republic Plaza and patients at Punggol Polyclinic can now use their SingPass Mobile app to register in place of manually filling up a form with their personal details.

Through scanning a QR code using the app, visitors and patients allow their digital identity to be retrieved from the Government's database for registration, making for a speedier registration process.

Announced in May, this tool, called SG-Verify, has now been fully adopted by two organisations, the Government Technology Agency (GovTech) told The Sunday Times.

City Developments installed the use of SG-Verify in the third quarter of this year in commercial building Republic Plaza (RP), following a design and deployment process that took about three months.

Its chief technology officer, Mr Ivan Ng, told The Sunday Times that the office building in the Central Business District receives about 650 visitors a day, and waiting times to register have been reduced with this new technology.

"Through SG-Verify, visitors entering RP are able to self-register, pass through the facial recognition turnstile and gain lift access to their destination floor for seamless access into RP," he said.

Punggol Polyclinic, which is managed by healthcare cluster SingHealth, started using SG-Verify in its systems on Nov 29.

Patients who visit the polyclinic for the first time can register for appointments immediately using this technology, without having to fill up forms.

Existing patients can also use SG-Verify to update their information retrieved from the government database.

SingHealth Polyclinics' deputy director for operations, Mr Lucas Goh, said the use of this technology not only makes things more convenient for staff and patients, it also helps to reduce human error which can come from manually keying in information.

"SG-Verify allows seamless verification, by pulling out accurate data from MyInfo into our registration system, as opposed to patients reading or showing their ICs to our staff," he said.

MyInfo is the digital vault of government-verified personal data.

GovTech said that other companies have expressed their interest in integrating SG-Verify into their systems too. Its senior director for the National Digital Identity, Mr Kwok Quek Sin, said these include real estate companies and healthcare institutions, as well as companies in the automobile industry and training providers.

He said: "Businesses can use this service to enable seamless visitor registration digitally and quicker customer acquisitions (for example, roadshows).

"Businesses will also not need to enter data manually as their users can register themselves with their SingPass Mobile. This increases productivity and improves customer experience."