​I coordinate, interpret and communicate medical imaging studies within multidisciplinary teams. I specialise in musculoskeletal imaging, with a focus on sports injuries and magnetic resonance imaging. I also perform imaged guide therapeutic procedures, contribute to specialist medical education and clinical research.

Radiology is the technological unicorn of medicine. We harness the latest technological advances, be it magnetic resonance, endovascular therapy or artificial intelligence, for the betterment of patient care.

Radiology is a team sport demanding strong communication and collaborative skills. Radiologists have to constantly connect with patients (regarding imaging results), clinicians (regarding scan appropriateness), technologists (regarding procedure planning), nurses (regarding patient safety) and engineers (regarding quality optimisation).

Simple moments of banter with patients before an intervention procedure or during an ultrasound scan, understanding their hopes and concerns are some of the memorable moments during work. The trust conferred by patients in our care humbles and motivates our radiology team.

Dr Lim Chee Yeong
Department of Diagnostic Radiology
Singapore General Hospital