​Meet Dr ECG – a handy mobile application developed by doctors, for doctors. With case examples, interactive quizzes, practical tips and a fresh new update featuring helpful videos, find out how the app can aid general practitioners in their daily practice when it comes to electrocardiogram (ECG) interpretation.


Dr ECG app - NHCS
At present, there is a plethora of ECG books and applications in the market which teach basic ECG reading skills. However, locating materials that effectively convey intermediate to advanced concepts in a user-friendly manner proves to be challenging.

This spurred a team of cardiologists at the National Heart Centre Singapore to develop their very own materials to teach advanced ECG interpretation skills in a simple and practical manner.

The concept was first conceived when a few of the team members witnessed fellow clinicians having difficulties interpreting ECG readings. They set out to create a learning tool that would be useful and practical for medical students and doctors in their daily clinical practice.

Through a few years of rigorous reviews and numerous reiterations, these efforts culminated in the development of an electronic application – the Dr ECG app.  


First launched in end 2018, Dr ECG has since been endorsed by several major cardiology societies including the Chapter of Cardiologists, Singapore Cardiac Society and Asia Pacific Society of Cardiology.

With over a thousand downloads to date, Dr ECG offers a unique proposition with the provision of intermediate to advanced practical interpretation skills required for common day-to-day clinical cases.

Practical learning with case vignettes

The app also incorporates case-based teaching using real-life case vignettes to aid learning. There are simple illustrations, curated content, practical tips and tricks and useful algorithms for ECG interpretation.

 Useful teaching instructions and illustrations for ECG interpretations (1) - NHCSUseful teaching instructions and illustrations for ECG interpretations (2) - NHCS
Useful teaching instructions and illustrations for ECG interpretations

Comprehensive library of examples and clinical learning pearls

Unlike other ECG teaching tools in the market, the most significant feature of Dr ECG is its accessible library of more than 100 ECG examples, categorised by ECG diagnosis. There are also summarised practical clinical learning pearls on related ECG interpretation topics.

Interactive quizzes with detailed explanations

To infuse an element of enjoyment into the process of learning, the app also offers a collection of interactive quizzes designed to assess users' understanding. These quizzes are thoughtfully accompanied by comprehensive explanations of the results, provided by experienced clinicians.

"The app is very informative and provides many useful examples of important-to-know resources about ECG," shared Fong Khi Yung, a fifth-year medical student from the National University of Singapore, a user of the Dr ECG app.


In the latest app version updated in 2023, Dr ECG has been enhanced with simple explanatory videos on various challenging yet important topics, such as heart blocks and fascicular ventricular tachycardia (VT), amongst others. The videos provide clear and concise explanations, presenting a user-friendly approach to grasp these complex topics.

New, simple explanatory videos in Dr ECG's latest app update - NHCS
New, simple explanatory videos in Dr ECG's latest app update



Whether you are a doctor, healthcare professional, or a medical student, download the Dr ECG teaching app to learn more about electrocardiogram (ECG) interpretations.

Available for free on both App Store and Google Play for mobile devices.

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iOS: https://for.sg/dr-ecg-ios

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