​Ms Lim Soo Ting, Senior Nurse Clinician and Advanced Practice Nurse, Nursing Clinical Services, KKH


In late March 2020, seeing the rising need for help to provide COVID-19 screening and medical care to migrant workers, I joined fellow healthcare colleagues in answering the call to serve. My volunteer post was at one of the first mobile medical posts that KKH had set up at the dormitories.

Preparations were tough, yet rewarding. We worked hand in hand with the dormitory management and the Singapore Armed Forces’ FAST (Forward Assurance and Support Team) to coordinate efforts and integrate directives from the Ministry of Health. This enabled us to accurately and safely register, swab, isolate and treat the dormitory residents.

Our top priority to look after the health and safety of everyone in the dormitory. As a nurse specialising in diabetes management, I worked closely with the doctors and pharmacists to care for the dormitory residents with diabetes. This included recommending and making adjustments to their medication, and supporting their blood glucose monitoring. We also conducted education and enforcement of infection control measures, safety measures and self-care.

Everyone went the extra mile to creatively support the well-being and welfare of the dormitory residents, and I was moved and inspired by the compassion and humanity I witnessed – including choreographing a fun dance to help the residents remember safety measures, making tweaks to the way meals were cooked to ease their homesickness, and even helping to coordinate money remittance to their hometowns for their families back home.

The wonderful team spirit and strong support from our senior leaders and peers greatly enabled us to give our best to care for and support the health of the migrant workers.