Woman gets stranger's cornea

The eyes are the windows of the soul. If there is always a gauze in front of you, will you be comfortable? For Liang Xuefen (68-year-old, part-time administrative staff), she had been doing this for more than 10 years. She completed the right-eye corneal transplant surgery in August 2016, and after the cataract surgery, she was Finally I saw the bits and pieces around me. Liang Xuefen suffers from granular corneal dystrophy Family hereditary keratopathy. Her mother also suffers from this disease and has been eyed by her eyes for several decades Corneal transplantation.

This kind of eye disease generally leads to the degeneration of the cornea, and the patient's vision will become increasingly blurred. Liang Xuefen interviewed and said: "Actually, from more than a decade ago, I discovered that my eyes were a bit blurry. I thought it was due to the deepening of myopia because I was afraid that the glasses were too thick so I didn't change my glasses so I looked at things. It's always foolish. When you drive, you just dare to open the familiar road. When watching TV, you can't see the subtitles. Even the food. I lost my hair and I couldn't detect it sometimes. ” It was so years until she and her sister joined the National Eye Centre in Singapore in 2009. After studying a related disease, it was discovered that the two sisters had inherited this disease. Liang Xuefen frankly stated: “Initially, I actually hesitated to move transplants because There must be risks in the operation. Why is it so risky to come for so many years? But then I think, both However, this eye disease is also not cured, and one day we have to undergo surgery. In the case of chronic illness, did you do it quickly? ”

After completing the surgery, Liang Xuefen’s right eye function has been smoothly increased from the previous 30% to 90%. In February of this year, the left eye's corneal transplant was completed. She said: “When I recover from my left eye, I want to perform cataract surgery as soon as possible. I did not expect to restore vision. The world was so clear and bright that even television subtitles are now visible, greatly improving my Quality of life. ” Corneal transplantation is the most common type of local organ transplantation surgery. There were 494 corneal transplants in a year. China's cornea stocks mainly come from local borneos, and donations from Sri Lanka, the United States, and other countries Dedicated cornea. It is worth mentioning that a cornea can be divided into several pieces to help many patients.