Ms Foo Hui Ling, Assistant Manager, Office of Patient Experience, KKH


In April 2020, as the number of COVID-19 cases in Singapore continued to rise, I volunteered to lend my support to fellow healthcare peers working on the frontlines of the nation-wide effort.

Joining the administrative team of a Swab Isolation Facility (SIF), we facilitated daily coordination between the inter-agency Joint Task Force and staff of the hotel designated as the SIF, to provide care for the migrant workers who were admitted.

The SIF functioned much like a mini hospital. Our main task was to direct the constant flow of multiple activities and balance the needs of various groups of people. We were responsible for admitting migrant workers, discharging those who were sufficiently well to community care facilities, and seeing to others who needed medical reviews or a swab test.

I am thankful for my colleagues who held the fort back in KKH for two months, enabling me to pursue my passion to volunteer on the frontlines. It was also energising to experience the single-minded commitment of everyone involved, toward doing our best for the migrant workers’ well-being.

It may take on different forms, but the kampong spirit in Singapore remains alive and well. When we help and care for one another, we can adapt to changes and overcome our challenges.