​"I chose to specialise in Computed Tomography (CT) imaging because I was interested in the technology involved in CT to produce cross-sectional images of the human body. Using the CT scanner, it allows the radiographers to make visible the inside of the human body so that doctor can diagnose and treat the patient. 

Current CT technology allows the radiographers to scan the beating heart and its vessels to help distinguish blood vessel blockages that would otherwise require invasive procedures. Radiographers will use the CT scanner and an image processing computer to produce high-quality images of the heart and its vessels. Our role in cardiac CT imaging helps the radiologist to assess patients’ risk of any cardiovascular event.  

German-Swiss artist, Paul Klee once said “art is not to reproduce what we can already see but to make visible what we cannot”. This succinctly explains why Radiography is a mix of art and science. Using science and the principles of imaging, radiographers can make visible what the naked eyes cannot see - the inside of the human body."

Chong Choon Ming
Principal Radiographer
Changi General Hospital


Tags: Radiographer, Allied Health