"Out of my family of seven, six of us have diabetes. Both my parents and elder brother passed on due to diabetes-related complications. So when I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes 40 years ago, it was not that shocking.   Before my diagnosis, I would eat anything my heart desired. Now, the more I love something unhealthy, the less of it I eat!  I also enjoy creative cooking, and have attended classes to learn how to cook healthy meals.

I tell others that having diabetes is not the end of the world. 300,000 Singaporeans are diabetic, and it is possible to lead a normal life. You just have to remember your daily medications and change your mind-set from "living to eat" to "eating to live" – it's really not that hard!  Today, I am an active patient volunteer. It makes me happy to share my experience with newly diagnosed patients and friends. I hope I can encourage them to manage their condition better."

Chia Soon Keng
Language Teacher
Former patient at SingHealth Polyclinics (Bukit Merah)
Mr Chia is one of the winners of the Singapore Health Inspirational Patient and Caregiver Award 2016.


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