​"The reason why I chose to be in the Department of Radiology (Interventional Cardiology), was that it is a specialised area where learning was more than just bed-side nursing. Not only does it test my ability to perform in critical situations, it also challenges my nursing-based knowledge to make decisions as an advocate for the patients.   

Interventional cardiology nurses work alongside with cardiology interventionists, medical technicians, radiologists to conduct procedures such as coronary angiogram, coronary angioplasty, device implantations and more. We are trained to manage various critical heart-related situations and provide pre- and post-procedure patient care for various conditions. 

There is always a learning point in every patient case that we manage, making us more prepared when we take on the next case."


Chew Hui Chin
Nurse Clinician
Department of Radiology
Sengkang General Hospital