​"I met Harini almost seven years ago when I was working as a part-time clinical instructor coaching healthcare support trainees.   One day, I received a call from the clinical manager. I heard that Harini had some friction with her preceptor during her clinical attachment and was nowhere to be found.  She looked like a lost child when I found her eventually.  Harini told me she had lost her temper at her preceptor, and she had doubts if she was suitable for the job.  My heart went out to her – she was only 19 after all and she needed some guidance.

As much as I wanted to arrange a new preceptor for her, I also wanted her to try to manage her feelings.  I told Harini that her preceptor only wished for her to learn.  When we learn from our seniors, we humble ourselves to pursue learning.  Harini then said she would continue learning from the same preceptor.  After this incident, I did not get to meet Harini until I brought a new trainee to her ward. I knew things had changed for the better when she greeted me with a bright and happy smile."


Chan Sook Keng
Nurse Educator
Singapore General Hospital


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