​Ms Cham Mooi Tai has served the organisation for almost 34 years, often working through the weekends to raise public awareness of breast cancer and its effects.  In 2010, Ms Cham and her team successfully partnered with Science Centre Singapore to hold a yearlong exhibition on breast cancer. In 2011, the team created Singapore's largest pink ribbon logo using a total of 3,038 cupcakes to mark Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Ms Cham's journey as an advocate of breast cancer awareness formally started in 2007, when she was appointed as the Nurse Manager at KK Breast Centre. But the disease had always been something personal and close to her heart.

"Some of my closest relatives passed away from breast cancer. Because of that, I believe it is paramount to promote the importance of early screening and regular breast self-examination. I often think to myself – if I could help improve screening rates, other families might not suffer the same pain that my family did," says Ms Cham.

"As a nurse, I hope to achieve 3 things. For information to be better available to the public, for screening rates to improve, and for breast cancer survivors and their loved ones to have a community they feel welcome and supported in."

These goals have not been easy to achieve.  Ms Cham has given up many precious weekends with her family in order to organise public events.

"Over the years, there were times where I was torn between my family and work.  That is why I try to live by the mindset of 'turning obstacles into opportunities'. For me, it is the best way to handle the challenge of juggling a family while hoping to value-add to our community."


Ms Cham Mooi Tai
Senior Nurse Manager, Breast and Aesthetic Centre
KK Women's and Children's Hospital

Ms Goh is the winner of the Outstanding Nurse Award at the 2016 SingHealth Excellence Awards.


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