Our nurses are the backbone of NHCS, working tirelessly to ensure the well-being of our heart patients. To celebrate our nursing angels, more than 70 staff ordered and purchased bottles of yummy freeze-dried bites as gifts for our nursing colleagues, and at the same time, for a good cause – to help financially needy heart patients.

The spirit of appreciation and giving filled the air as the “Celebrating our Nursing Angels” pushcart went door-to-door, department-to-department around NHCS with yummy freeze-dried bites for sale. Many staff were excited to order these yummy bites as gifts for our nursing colleagues and to make a contribution towards the NHCS Heart To Heart Fund, in support of our needy heart patients. 

For Ms Sharon Neo, Principal Clinical Coordinator from Mechanical Circulatory Support, HL Unit, her heart of giving was evident as she bought the gifts without hesitation, and later on returned to purchase more. “This campaign is meaningful to me. It requires only a little effort from me in order to put a smile on their (nurses and patients’) faces, so why not?” 

Ms Chiong Siau Chien, Assistant Director of Cardiac Labs, bought 10 bundles of the gifts at one go. When asked what motivated her to support the campaign, she exclaimed, “To show appreciation to our nurses and also for a good cause! In the spirit of giving, let’s not forget to extend a helping hand and provide warmth to those in need.”

This was further echoed by another colleague who made a gift purchase of 10 bottles too, “I’ve heard that they are delicious, so I thought to purchase and gift them away. Moreover, it comes with a free soap rose, which I can also give out to more people who I would like to appreciate too.”

Noor Hudayah (pictured above, left) from Corporate Development presented her gifts to ADN Foo Lee Lian (pictured above, right) of Nursing Administration. “The gifts are just a small token of my appreciation for the help and support for Sister Foo, who is a good friend of mine. By supporting this campaign, I am reaffirming my commitment to compassionate care, not only for patients, but for each other as a healthcare family." 

Sister Foo was touched by the unexpected, yet sweet gesture. She shared, “I have known Noor for more than two decades. We are like family, and would always help one another when in need. Thank you for your gift and for always keeping us in mind, Noor. Appreciate it!”

In appreciation of our nursing angels, NHCS senior management and clinical heads also presented hampers, kindly sponsored by New Moon (with items catered for the nurses’ wellness and care), and made a donation towards supporting our needy patients.

A/Prof Ewe See Hooi, Head of Echocardiography, expressed her heartfelt thanks to our nurses. "As doctors, we witness the dedication of nurses every day. By supporting this campaign, I hope this can bring joy to our nurses for all they’ve done for our patients. Kudos to our nursing angels!” 

A big THANKS to our colleagues for their tremendous support towards the Celebrating our Nursing Angels 2023 campaign, and a big hug to all our nursing colleagues for being the backbone of NHCS! Happy Nurses’ Day!

 Happy faces of colleagues who supported the Celebrating our Nursing Angels 2023 campaign!


A gift as little as $2 a month from you, can help to subsidise the basic medical consultation fees of needy NHCS Heart To Heart patients as they fight a lifelong battle against cardiovascular disease. 

A small gift from you, a huge impact on our patients. Make a gift today.