The article talks about the increase in cataract cases in Singapore by 37% in the last 10 years. According to research from the Singapore National Eye Centre, cases have increased from 10,013 cases in 2004 to 13,680 cases in 2013.

Dr Fang shares that although cataract is an ailment that usually affects the older generation, it can occur to the younger generation as well through diabetes, and severe eye injuries. He also shares that common symptoms of catarct include diminishing vision and an increased irritation from light. He also advises the early treatment of cataract as any delay may result in blindness.

The article also sheds light on Phacoemulsification, the operation procedure that fights cataract. Dr Fang ends off by advising readers to use sunglasses and hats to potect their eyes when they go for lunch as the sun rays during 9am – 3pm are at it's strongest and potentially harmful to our eyes.