As a member of the palliative care team at St. Andrew’s Community Hospital (SACH), Anna always tries her best to fulfil her patients’ last wishes and provide emotional support to their family members.

When Anna found out that one of her patient’s sons wanted to take his terminally ill father for a ride in his new car, she set out to make it a reality. Even though the patient’s weak health presented several challenges, Anna and her team of occupational therapists and nurses, with advice from the doctor, made it happen before he passed away.

“I was touched by the son’s filial piety and that inspired me to do everything I can to help them,” she shared.

With 13 years of experience in physical and psychosocial rehabilitation at SACH, Anna uses her creativity and foresight to lead projects and pioneer programmes that improve care for patients at SACH. She implemented the Activities of Daily Living (ADL) enhancement programme, which empowers patients to independently carry out basic daily tasks such as taking a shower. Nurses and therapists help patients better understand their condition and teach them to overcome the difficulties they may face in carrying out these tasks.

“Patients feel empowered when they realise that they can do things on their own. There are moments when they would feel disheartened, but the encouragement from the healthcare team keeps them going,” she shared.

Anna’s thoughtfulness in caring for her patients extends beyond hospital walls. When she goes shopping on her days off, she keeps an eye out for items that her patients may need, such as special shoes or pillows that might provide them some comfort.

“My work has helped me grow as a person. I have developed insights into the struggles that patients experience and I can empathise with them, which makes me want to do more to help where I can,” she said.

Anna Lee Suan Cheow
Senior Manager and Principal Occuptional Therapist
Inpatient Therapy Services
St Andrew's Community Hospital 

Recipient of the Singapore Health Quality Service Awards (SHQSA) 2019 Superstar Award - Intermediate and Long-Term Care Allied Health Category